Postgraduate Research

NIAB EMR hosts many PhD and MPhil students across all research programmes allowing in-depth study in a specific area. Three or four year PhD programmes, and one year MPhil programmes, are designed around student needs and experience. Students enrol at a UK university and conduct a research project under the supervision of an East Malling staff member and a university supervisor.

Funding avenues fall into three categories:

  • Self-funded: grant generally provided by overseas education ministry.
  • East Malling Trust: grant funded 50/50 between the Trust and University of Reading.
  • UK University: grant

All current PhD studentships on offer with NIAB EMR can be found on the main vacancies page and via

PhD students benefit from world-class research facilities together with close interaction with the horticultural industry.

PhD students based at NIAB EMR participate in the NIAB EMR Postgraduate Student Group, contribute to NIAB EMR’s Annual Poster Presentation and are involved in the NIAB EMR Seminar series and associated luncheons.

Convenient student accommodation is available on-site.

For further enquiries about postgraduate research and opportunities at NIAB EMR, please email:

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