Opportunities for Students and Visiting Workers

SolomonNIAB EMR has a long and proud tradition of welcoming students and visiting researchers from the UK and overseas.  They conduct and greatly assist with research in breeding, genetics, physiology, entomology and plant pathology.  There is a wide range of potential positions, durations and funders.

The main opportunities for students and/or visiting workers are:

Postgraduate Research: PhD research degrees typically last for 3 or 4 years full-time. NIAB EMR offers a number of funded studentships every year in affiliation with a UK university. The studentships cover tuition fees and offer a generous stipend (depending on eligibility). Research projects are conducted under the supervision of an East Malling scientist and a university supervisor and must submit a thesis within 4 years. NIAB EMR is also able to host non-UK students whose funds are provided by an overseas education ministry.

Considering postgraduate research at NIAB EMR? Find out more information here.

Voluntary worker: usually 3-6 weeks unpaid work. Suitable for school leavers, undergraduates or recent graduates; the voluntary worker assists with a wide range of research projects.  For most non-EU nationals, a work permit is still required.

Temporary assistant: typically for 3 months. Paid employment, funded by East Malling science projects, suitable for school leavers, undergraduates or recent graduates; the temporary assistant helps with research projects.  For most non EU nationals, a work permit is needed.

Leonardo Da Vinci studentship:  typically 3 to 6 months. Funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci programme of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme with additional contributions from NIAB EMR (http://ec.europa.eu/). The Leonardo student assists with research projects and obtains relevant training. (Usually there is free accommodation plus a small cash top-up (£25/week) provided by the science projects). Eligibility criteria apply.

Sandwich student:  typically for 6 or 12 months; paid employment. Funded by East Malling science projects for undergraduates; the student assists with research and/or conducts own project, and must prepare placement report for university degree.

Postdoctoral researcher:  typically 1 or 2 years. The postdoctoral researcher is supported by funding e.g. overseas education ministry or EU Marie Curie scheme (http://ec.europa.eu/research/fp6/mariecurie-actions/action/knowledge_en.html). The researcher conducts a project under the supervision of an East Malling scientist.

Other visiting researchers:  typically for 3 months funding to cover subsistence and bench fees from sponsoring institute or government award scheme, e.g. British Council (http://www.britishcouncil.org). The visitor usually comes to learn techniques and/or to conduct research under the supervision of an East Malling staff member.

Facilities for students and visiting workers

  • Good laboratory, glasshouse, field and library facilities
  • Hostel accommodation on-site, or information on local accommodation
  • Good sports and social facilities on-site and nearby
  • Pleasant countryside, 50 minutes from London by train

Further information:

If you want to become a student or visiting researcher at NIAB EMR, contact recruitment@emr.ac.uk.

Alternatively, contact the particular member of staff responsible for the area in which you are interested.  Note: Please try to avoid sending a circular to all members of staff.

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