Dr Andrew Simkin

Deputy Head of Crop Sciences and Production Systems
Department:Genetics, Genomics & Breeding
Tel:01732 523754
DD:01732 523734
Fax:01732 849067

Research Interests

My principal research activities over the past 20 years have focused on the production of secondary metabolites implicated in the nutritional quality of foods (tomato, pepper, coffee) and in plant development (tomato, tobacco, petunia, Catharanthus, Arabidopsis). This research has essentially concentrated on carotenoid/apocarotenoid metabolism and the production of terpenoids implicated in plant development (strigolactones). More recently, my work (University or Essex) has focused on primary metabolism and the improvement of photosynthesis through genetic manipulation.

I am interested in all areas of plant development – from improving fruit quality and development targeting increased fruit yields (and quality), bio-pharmaceuticals and industrially important secondary metabolites. Also interested in manipulating photosynthesis to improve biomass and fruit yields for the horticultural industry and important oil crops. My interest extent to high-value metabolites (include biofuels, bioplastics) and bio-fortification of food crops. 

Selected current projects (PI)

2018-2022 – Genetic manipulation of photosynthetic efficiency to increase strawberry yields (BBSRC)

2018-2022 – Understanding fruit development in the cultivated cherry (Industry)

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5056-1306






Selected Publications

  • Simkin AJ, Faralli, M, Ramamoorthy S, Lawson T.. (2020). Photosynthesis in non-foliar tissues: Implications for yield. Plant J 101 (4):. 1001-1015. (IF=5.7).
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  • Simkin AJ*, Lopez-Calcagno PE, Raines CA. (2019). Feeding the world: Improving photosynthetic efficiency for sustainable crop production. J Exp Bot. 70 (4): 1119-1140 (IF=5.4).
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  • Exposito-Rodriguez M, Laissue PP, Lopez-Calcagno PE, Mullineaux P, Raines CA, Simkin AJ*. (2017). Development of pGEMINI, a plant Gateway destination vector allowing the simultaneous integration of two cDNA via a single LR-clonase reaction. Plants 6: . 55 (IF=3.1).
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