Adrian Harris

Principal Scientific Assistant, Entomology
Department:Pest & Pathogen Ecology
Tel:+44 (0)1732 843833
DD:+44 (0)1732 523752
Fax:+44 (0)1732 849067

Research Interests

I assist in a wide range of research projects on Integrated Pest Management and spray application to fruit crops. Particular interests include developing and evaluating biologically/biotechnologically-based IPM systems for fruit crops and optimising spray application methods.  The ultimate goal is zero pesticide fruit.

Selected Publications

  • Fountain MT, Harris AL . (2015). Non-target consequences of insecticides used in apple and pear orchards on Forficula auricularia L. (Dermaptera: Forficulidae) Biological Control 91. 27-33.
  • Adrian Harris and Bethan Shaw. (2014). First record of Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) (Diptera, Drosophilidae) in Great Britain. Dipterists Digest, 21.
  • Fountain MT, Nagy C, Harris AL, Cross JV . (2013). Importance of naturally occurring predators for pear sucker control.  Integrated protection of fruit crops, IOBC-WPRS Bulletin, 91. 117-125.
  • Fountain MT, Harris AL, Xu X, Cross JV. (2012). Timing and efficacy of insecticides for control of mussel scale, Lepidosaphes ulmi, on apple using predictive models. Crop Protection, 31. 58-66.
  • Fountain MT., Harris AL, Cross JV . (2010). The use of surfactants to enhance acaricide control of Phytonemus pallidus (Acari: Tarsonemidae) in strawberry. Crop Protection 29. 1286-1292.
  • Cross JV, Fountain MT, Harris A & Harrington R . (2010). Autumn control of aphid pests of tree and bush fruit crops IOBC/WPRS Bulletin, 54. 239–242.
  • Walklate, P. J. Cross, J. V. Richardson, G. M. Harris, A. L. (2007). Modelling the variability of spray deposit on orchard structures. Precision agriculture '07.
  • Cross, J.V., Cubison, S., Harris, A. and Harrington, R. (2007). Autumn control of rosy apple aphid, Dysaphis plantaginea (Passerini), with aphicides. Crop Protection 01/2007; 26(8). 1140-1149. DOI:10.1016/j.cropro.2006.10.007.
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  • Cross, J. V. Harris, A. (2003). Exploiting natural enemies in Integrated Pest Management in blackcurrant crops. Proceedings of the IOBC/WPRS Working group 'Integrated Plant Protection in Fruit Crops' subgroup 'Soft Fruits', Conthey, Switzerland, 14-16 October, 2003.
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