Louisse Mirabueno

PhD Student
Department:Genetics, Genomics & Breeding
Tel:01732 843833
Fax:01732 849067

Research Interests

I obtained a degree in BSc. Genetics and Cell Biology from Dublin
City University in 2018. During my undergraduate, I developed an
interest in microbiome composition, molecular evolution of
bacteria and host-pathogen interactions. In my research project,
funded by the AHDB, I am analysing the bacterial plant pathogen
Xylella fastidiosa. It is pathogenic to hundreds of different plant
species in Europe, including cherry and almond trees, which are
found in the UK. Currently, no treatment exists for diseases
caused by the pathogen and is therefore a major threat to UK
agriculture. With the supervision of Prof. Robert Jackson from the
University of Reading, and Dr Michelle Hulin and Dr Emma
Cascant-Lopez based at NIAB EMR, the project attempts to
understand the population genomics of X. fastidiosa, including the
factors that make the bacterium pathogenic and host specific.

Selected Publications