Adam Walker

Department:Pest & Pathogen Ecology
Tel:01732 843833
DD:01732 523752
Fax:01732 849067

Research Interests

Developing sustainable methods to control pests of agriculture. Previous employment focussed on developing a genetic alternative to the SIT in the lab to control important moth pests. At NIAB EMR I will be studying different pests and pathogens out in the field and develop modern strategies for their control.

Selected Publications

  • Zhou, L., Alphey, N., Walker, A.S., Travers L.M., Hasan, F., Morrison, N.I., Bonsall, M.B. and Raymond, B.. (2018). Combining the high-dose/refuge strategy and self-limiting transgenic insects in resistance management - A test in experimental mescosms. Evoluntionary Applications..
  • Harvey-Samuel, T., Morrison, N.I., Walker, A.S., Marubbi, T., Yao, J., Collins, H.L., Gorman, K., Davies, T.G.E., Alphey, N., Warner, S., Shelton, A.M., Alphey, L.. (2015). Pest control and resistance management through releases of insects carrying a male-selecting transgene. BMC Biology.
  • Jin, L., Walker, A.S., Fu, G., Harvey-Samuel, T., Dafa'alla, T., Miles, A., Marubbi, T., Granville, D., Humphrey-Jones, N., S., Morrison, N.I. and Alphey, L.. (2013). Engineered female-specific lethality for control of pest Lepidoptera. ACS Synthetic Biology, 2:. 160-166.
  • Morrison, N.I., Simmons, G.S., Fu, G., O'Connell, S., Walker, A.S., Dafa'alla, T., Walters, M., Claus, J., Tang, G., Li, J., Marubbi, T., Epton, M.J., Staten, R.T., Miller, E, Miller, T.A. and Alphey, L.. (2012). Engineered repressible lethality for control of the pink bollworm, a lepidopteran pest of cotton. PLos ONE.
  • Martins, S., Naish, N., Walker, A.S., Morrison, N.I., S. Scaife, S., Fu, G., Dafa'alla, T. and Alphey, L.. (2012). Germline transformation of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L., using the piggyBac transposable element. Insect Molecular Biology 21: . 414-421.
  • Simmons, G.S., McKemey, A.R., Morrison, N.I., O'Connell, S., Tbashnik, B.E., Claus, J., Fu, G., Tang, G., Sledge, M., Walker, A.S., Phillips, C.E., Donnelly, C.A. and Alphey, L.. (2011). Field performance of a genetically engineered strain of pink bollworm. PLos ONE. e24110.