Viticulture Science at NIAB EMR

vine-leaf-657693_960_720NIAB EMR is partnering with UK vineyards to ensure that its world-class fruit science will play a significant role to further advance viticulture unique to the UK climate.

The research programme

The quality of UK wines has dramatically increased this last decade, and further improvements in viticulture will enable the production of the finest quality, globally-recognised, unique wines and an increase in winemakers’ margins.

NIAB EMR draws on a century of success in supporting global fruit production and is focussing its viticulture research and development activity on improving quality, reducing costs and helping the UK wine industry.

Grape research programme at NIAB EMR is co-ordinated by Dr Julien Lecourt (from University of Bordeaux and INRA) and involves leading scientists from across NIAB EMR’s three research programmes:

– Resource Efficiency for Crop Production
– Genetics & Crop Improvement
– Pest & Pathogen Ecology for Sustainable Crop Management

NIAB EMR’s concept vineyard

NIAB EMR has planted (2015) a research vineyard for both scientific and demonstration purposes. The vineyard is ensuring that our research is directly applicable to commercial vineyards and also provides an essential tool to test upstream innovative practices or novel ideas of research in viticulture.

To find out more about NIAB EMR’s research programme on grapes please contact Dr Julien Lecourt.


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