Technology Development

Technology enables nearly all modern research. It defines which assays are possible, and their speed and cost – thereby defining possible experiments. Technology development must be married to a pressing biological need. The NIAB EMR TD group is embedded within a department of biologists to ensure understanding of the biological problems that need to be solved. The theme itself is multidisciplinary e.g.  cell biology/genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and more recently automation and machine learning. For NIAB EMR and the NIAB group, agricultural academics and the food industry the clearest needs are to improve the speed of genetic improvement in breeding and better pathogen surveillance and diagnostics.

Key areas of research:

  • Developing and deploying New Breeding Techniques
  • Rational design of plants and microbes
  • Novel Foods
  • Single cell genomics

The genetic basis for colonial variants in Fusarium venenatum

Project description: This project aims to identify the genetic basis behind colonial variants, in Fusarium venenatum which arise via spontaneous mutations during myco-protein fermentations. To do this bioinformatics approaches will be used in combination with lab based techniques to identify … Continue Reading

Mycoprotein 2.0

As prosperity rises, demand for meat increases as it is a rich source of protein. This in turn places demand on water resources, changes land use (in a manner highly dependent upon how the animal is fed) and leads to … Continue Reading

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