SuproFruit 2019 – 15th Workshop on Spray Application and Precision Technology in Fruit Growing

NIAB EMR hosted SuproFruit 2019: The 15th Workshop on Spray Application and Precision Technology in Fruit Growing, on 16–18 July 2019 at East Malling.

SuproFruit workshops have taken place biennially in Europe since 1991 with a primary focus on developments in spray application techniques in fruit and other three dimensional crops. The workshops offer a platform for scientists, researchers, technicians, advisors,  manufacturers of spray equipment and industry from all over the world to present new ideas and developments, but also discussing various topics in a three day workshop.

At the 15th Workshop which took place at NIAB EMR, UK in July 2019, the scope of the conference was widened to cover PRECISION TECHNOLOGY. Precision technology encompasses techniques/tools/knowledge to target correct interventions of the correct magnitude according to need in time and space.  In fruit and other horticultural crops, individual plants and parts of plants can be treated according to their individual needs. These technologies have been playing an increasingly important part in spray application and in horticulture in general. Contributions on all aspects of precision technology including for example remote sensing, the use of UAVs, Normalised Difference Vegetation Index mapping, image analysis, machine learning, Decision Support Systems and the utilisation big data and the Internet of Things, and especially where these relate to spray application, were presented.





SuproFruit 2019 Abstracts – click here.

See the table below to click on any of the presentations from SuproFruit 2019:

Ab. No. Title Authors Presenter
1 Opportunities for precision technologies in fruit growing Jerry Cross, Eleftheria Stavridou, Bo Li, Charles Whitfield, Peter Walklate Jerry Cross
2 Automated blossom detection for precision fruit farming Dirk de Hoog, Manya Afonso, Jan van de Zande Dirk de Hoog
3 Canopy characterization with 2D Lidar in different French orchards Jean-Paul Douzals, Yoan Hudebine, Sophie Houee, Florence Verpont Jean-Paul Douzals
4 Estimating vegetation volume of coffee crops using images from unmanned aerial vehicles João Paulo Arantes Rodrigues da Cunha, Matheus Aires Sirqueira Neto, Sandro Manuel Carmelino Hurtado João Paulo Arantes Rodrigues da Cunha
5 Intelligent Fruit Vision – turning data into knowledge for apple growers Sam Dingle, Tony Harding, Megan McKerchar Megan McKerchar
6 Precision yield management for UK vineyards: achieving fruit:canopy balance to increase fruit consistency and quality Julien Lecourt, Paul Tuteirihia Julien Lecourt
7 Precision fertigation in soft fruit production Eleftheria Stavridou, Mark Else Eleftheria Stavridou
8 Time series of chlorophyll degradation Manuela Zude-Sasse Manuela Zude-Sasse
9 An update on the intelligent spraying system development for fruit and nursery crop applications Heping Zhu, Erdal Ozkan Erdal Ozkan
10 Precision tree fruit dosing to optimise yield and quality: a new UK research project 2019-2021


Rob Saunders, Jerry Cross, Jim McDougall, Chris Elworthy, Oliver Hilbourne, Megan Mckerchar, Nick Seymour, Stan Stamper, Peter Walklate,  Charles Whitfield Rob Saunders
11 A hand-held imaging fluorometer and attendant food-safe spray tracer for rapid quantification of spray deposits in the field Charles Whitfield, John Attridge, Jerry Cross Charles Whitfield
12 Smartomizer – proactivity and traceability in orchard spraying Lars T. Berger, Paula Ortega, Emilio Gil Lars T. Berger
13 Canopy adapted dosing and spray application: environment protection in crop protection Peter Triloff Peter Triloff
14 Spray deposition of a cross-flow fan orchard sprayer with low air and low spray pressure settings Jean-Marie Michielsen, Hein Stallinga, Dirk de Hoog, Pieter van Dalfsen, Marcel Wenneker, Jan van de Zande Jean-Marie Michielsen
15 Spray distribution in citrus canopies with different sprayers Cruz Garcerá, Alberto Fonte, Iván Carrillo, Patricia Chueca Cruz Garcerá
16 Flat fan or cone nozzles for spray distribution in orchards and vineyard? Effect of nozzle type and row distance on the vertical distribution Emilio Gil, Jordi Biscamps, Jordi Llop, Marcel Valera, Robert Heinkel Emilio Gil
17 Evaluation of sprayers used for regulatory efficacy assessment trials Carla Román, Jordi Llorens, Santiago Planas Carla Román
18 Droplet size effect in a PWM system: first results to improve orchard spray application Jordi Llorens, Andrew Hewitt Jordi Llorens
19 From direct injection to deposition indicator  – a 45 year retrospective Andrew Landers Andrew Landers
20 Improving spray deposition in apple orchards by multiple-row sprayers Marcel Wenneker, Jean-Marie Michielsen, Mostafa Snoussi, Hein Stallinga, Dirk de Hoog, Pieter van Dalfsen, Jan van de Zande Marcel Wenneker
21 Drones for PPP distribution evaluation of spray deposits in orchards Changling Wang, Shiling Wang, Xiongkui He, Yajia Liu, Aijun Zeng, Jianli Song Jianli Song
22 CitrusVol validation to control Tetranychus urticae Cruz Garcerá, Alberto Fonte, Enrique Moltó, Alejandro Tena, Patricia Chueca Patricia Chueca
23 Dose adjustment for pome fruit orchards in France: what canopy indicator options? Florence Verpont, Fanny Le Berre, Jean Le Maguet, Sébastien Ballion, Xavier Crete, Myriam Berud, Bruno Corroyer, Matthieu Benoit, Cécile Belleveaux Fanny Le Berre
24 Dose adjustment in citrus and olive orchards: two-year validation of the DOSA3D system Santiago Planas, Joan Porta, José M Campos, José M Fibla, M Teresa Martínez-Ferrer Santiago Planas
25 Evaluation of the MABO-dosing model as a cost-effective alternative to the conventional use of the Unrath tree-row-volume model in South Africa for applying pesticides sprays in high density apple orchards Philip Rebel, Johannes Gideon van Zyl, Adele Mcleod, Bekker Wessels Johannes Gideon van Zyl
26 New developments to help farmers correctly dosing pesticides in olive orchards Antonio Miranda-Fuentes, Alberto Godoy-Nieto, Juan L. Gamarra-Diezma, Antonio Rodríguez-Lizana, Emilio J. González-Sánchez, Francisco Lara del Río, José M. Bejarano-Cabanás, Julio Román-Vázquez, Gregorio L. Blanco-Roldán, Jesús A. Gil-Ribes Antonio Miranda-Fuentes
27 Pneumatic nozzle droplets assessment: the effect of operative parameters Paolo Balsari, Marco Grella, Antonio Miranda-Fuentes, Paolo Marucco Paolo Balsari
28 Automatic profiling precision orchard spray technique based on variable chemical flow rate and air volume with LiDAR Xiongkui He, Jianli Song, Yajia Liu, Aijun Zeng, Longlong Li Xiongkui He
29 Solid Set Canopy System in France: the PULVEFIX project


Florence Verpont, Fanny Le Berre, Sébastien Ballion, Damien Vincent Fanny Le Berre
30 Solid Set Canopy Delivery System for modified vertical shoot position trained vineyards Rajeev Sinha, Rakesh Ranjan, Lav R. Khot, Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel, Matthew Grieshop Lav R. Khot
31 Off-target deposition of a Solid Set Canopy Delivery System in high density apples Matthew J. Grieshop, Mark Ledebuhr, Keith Koonter, Ben Savage, Lav Khot Matthew Grieshop
32 Direct and indirect methods for spray drift assessment in apple orchards Xavier Torrent, Eduard Gregorio, Jean-Paul Douzals, Joan R. Rosell-Polo, Santiago Planas Santiago Planas
33 What are the best sprayer settings to spray avoid drift from apple orchards? Florence Verpont, Fanny Le Berre, Jean Le Maguet, Xavier Crete, Cécile Bellevaux Fanny Le Berre
34 Reduction of spray drift by hail net over apple orchard Grzegorz Doruchowski, Waldemar Świechowski, Ryszard Hołownicki, Artur Godyń Grzegorz Doruchowski
35 Spray drift of a two-row tunnel orchard sprayer Jan van de Zande, Jean-Marie Michielsen, Mostafa Snoussi, Hein Stallinga, Dirk de Hoog, Pieter van Dalfsen, Marcel Wenneker Jan van de Zande
36 Practical implementation of drift-reducing nozzles in orchards Kris Ruysen Kris Ruysen
37 Influence of canopy vineyard target presence in sprayer drift potential assessment using a test bench device Marco Grella, Paolo Marucco, Paolo Balsari Marco Grella
38 Gone with the wind – teaching fruit growers how to see the unseen Andrew Landers Andrew Landers
39 INNOSETA – An H2020 European project to fill the gap between research and professional users in crop protection Emilio Gil, Montserrat Gallart, Paolo Balsari, Alex Koutsouris, Sebastien Codis, David Nuyttens, Spyros Fountas Emilio Gil
40 OPTIMA EU project: main goal and first results of inventory of current spray practices in vineyards and orchards Paolo Marucco, Paolo Balsari, Marco Grella, Massimo Pugliese, Daniele Eberle, Emilio Gil Moya, Jordi Llop Casamada, Spyros Fountas, Nikos Mylonas, Dimitris Tsitsigiannis, Athanasios Balafoutis, Gerrit Polder, David Nuyttens, Luis Dias, Jean-Paul Douzals Paolo Marucco

Pesticide reduction using friendly and environmentally controlled technologies

Cruz Garcerá, Amalia Muñoz, Paolo Balsari, Clara Coscollá, Emilio Gil, Ana Cano, Daoíz Zamora, Sébastien Codis, Héctor Calvete-Sogo, Montse Gallart, Antonio López, Paolo Marucco, José Castro, Gonzalo Fernández, Xavier Delpuech, Patricia Chueca Patricia Chueca

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