Statistical genetics and informatics

Statistical genetics and informatics- Modern breeding requires the latest developments in quantitative genetics to be married to bioinformatics, in order to optimise breeding through prediction of crop performance using high volumes of phenotypic and genotypic data

Key areas of research

  • Quantitative genetics and genomic selection
  • Comparative genomics .
  • Novel software and applications

A UK-China partnership to understand the genetic architecture of the Colletotrichum gloeosporoides – Fragaria x ananassa interaction

China is the foremost producer of strawberries globally, accounting for over 38% of total production. 2,000,000 mu (330 thousand acres) of land is devoted to strawberry production in China, with an estimated value of twenty billion RMB (£2.2 billion) per … Continue Reading

Software available

NIAB EMR maintains open-source software on Github under the eastmallingresearch repository. Current pipelines and software: Crosslink– software for rapid genetic mapping with 10k+ markers- includes awareness of polyploidy Image processing for automated disease detection   Publications: Crosslink preprint Li B, Hulin M.T., Brain … Continue Reading

Octoseq- sequencing the octoploid strawberry

This proposal assembles a multinational academic and industry partnership to generate a reference octoploid genome sequence using a set of innovative experimental and computational approaches. This team includes industry and academic partners from the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Norway. … Continue Reading

Genomic Selection in Strawberry

Genomic selection (GS) is an advanced breeding technique which associates the genotype and phenotype of a training population to make predictions about the breeding value of related individuals based on genotypic information alone. This technique potentially improves breeding efficacy by … Continue Reading

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