Apple scabSCEPTREplus is £1.4M four-year programme of work funded by the AHDB to research sustainable plant protection products for use in horticulture.

The aim is to deliver research on high-priority disease, pest and weed problems in fresh produce and ornamental crops in order to support approval of products and devise and develop IPM programmes.

What does SCEPTREplus hope to achieve?

  • Reduce any adverse environmental impacts of crop protection products – SCEPTREplus will focus on new chemistry and non-chemical approaches with improved environmental profiles. Providing growers with access to this new chemistry will reduce the overall adverse environmental impact from the crop protection programme
  • Provide new biological and integrated control techniques – due to the high level of regulation for crop protection products in the UK/EU, the shift to safer crop protection products, including biopesticides, should minimise any possible negative environmental impacts of the older established products
  • Reduce supply chain vulnerability – the introduction of new crop protection products and strategies will address risks to the supply chain by increasing the number of options for growers to manage current and future challenges, thereby improving the resilience of UK supply chains and underpinning opportunities to develop export

NIAB EMR are leading work on egg-laying deterrents for the spotted wing drosophila in blueberry and blackberry, products for controlling bacterial canker in Prunus and products for the control of blackcurrant gall mites, with financial and in-kind support from agrochemical and biopesticide manufacturers.

NIAB EMR’s work within SCEPTREplus is managed by Dr Rob Saville.

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