Post-harvest management of plums and cherries to minimise waste

Plums and cherries are among the favourite fruits of the consumer, but currently much of the demand is met by imported fruit. With new plum and cherry varieties and new production techniques the UK industry has the potential to increase production. However, post-harvest losses can be significant due to fungal rots and rapid loss of fruit quality.

The objective of this project is to develop improved methods of managing the fruit post-harvest based on cold storage and the use of post-harvest biocontrol treatments to minimise losses due to fungal rots and to maintain fruit quality. These new control strategies post-harvest will enable growers and distributors to reduce fruit waste, extend product shelf-life, extend the marketing period and provide UK-consumers with first quality, locally produced plums and cherries for longer.

This project is funded by Innovate UK and industry partners Total Produce and Berry Gardens. Results from this work are being distributed to consortium members.

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For further information please contact Robert Saville.

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