Imaging and measurement technologies

The imaging and measurement technologies theme is focused on the investigation and the application of current imaging and data mining techniques to plant science. Driven by the incredible advances in genomics over the past decade, image analysis technologies will be developed to establish standards for objective and high-throughput phenotyping in plant biology.

Key areas of research

  • Automating yield prediction
  • Hyperspectral imaging for precision horticulture
  • Internet of things and horticulture


Project Summary An important disease in many crops is mildew. Current horticultural practices rely on intensive pesticide use to counter it. However, the use of chemical crop protection results in spray residues on the harvested product and mildew infections cannot … Continue Reading

Developing resource-use efficient strawberries for substrate production

The aim of the project is to improve the sustainability and efficiency of UK strawberry production by using innovative technologies to develop improved cultivars and systems for soil-less culture. Strawberries account for around 60% of total berry production. The strawberry … Continue Reading

Genomic Selection in Strawberry

Genomic selection (GS) is an advanced breeding technique which associates the genotype and phenotype of a training population to make predictions about the breeding value of related individuals based on genotypic information alone. This technique potentially improves breeding efficacy by … Continue Reading

Developing robustness to biotic stress in fruit crops

Strawberries contribute to a nutritious and healthy diet and are an important UK crop. Increasing restrictions in chemical disease controls mean that existing varieties will soon be unsuitable for sustainable production in the soil. Verticillium wilt is one of the … Continue Reading

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