Strawberry ‘Malling Centenary’ reaches annual sales of 60,000,000 plants

‘MallingTM Centenary’, a strawberry variety from the East Malling Breeding Club, based at NIAB EMR in the UK, has exceeded annual sales of 60 million plants thanks to the increasing confidence and unique qualities of this popular variety.

First introduced to the market in 2013, ‘MallingTM Centenary’ is in demand from growers and the major international retailers owing to its very high percentage of Class I quality fruit and reduced picking costs.

The variety also scores highly in independent consumer tasting trials when compared to the previous industry standard ‘Elsanta’.

“The rapid growth in ‘MallingTM Centenary’ sales reflects its outstanding performance on the supermarket shelf”, commented Mario Caccamo, NIAB EMR’s Managing Director. He continued, “We recently passed total sales of 130 million plants and we can now confidently expect the variety to pass 65 million plants in next year’s sales alone.”

‘MallingTM Centenary’ is the fastest selling strawberry variety handled by leading soft fruit IP management company Meiosis Ltd.  Mark Coxeter, Meiosis Chief Executive, said, “The growth for ‘MallingTM Centenary’ is set to continue as it further establishes itself as the standard June-bearer variety in the northern hemisphere.”

Gross royalty income of nearly €1.4M will be generated for the members of the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club who originally invested in the development of ‘MallingTM Centenary”. The total royalty returns to date have already exceeded the original investment to breed this strawberry variety.


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