Vodcasts and Blogs

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Lectures and seminars

The evolutionary ecology of weed resistance to herbicides in global cropping systems. Dr Paul Neve

Overview of raspberry and blueberry research at the James Hutton Institute. Dr Julie Graham

Amos Memorial lecture 2014. The scope of scientific research in fruit growing by Professor Peter Gregory

Plant Stress Response: Short-term physiological adaptation and long-term evolutionary consequence by Prof. Nick Harberd

The Sussex plan for honeybee health and wellbeing by Prof. Francis Ratneiks

Improving crop fertiliser use efficiency and bio-fortifying crops, by Dr John Hammond

European canker in New Zealand: understanding pathogen genetics, breeding host resistance and developing control strategies in the field by Dr Reiny Scheper and Dr Monika Walter

Exploring the genetic basis of host specificity in Pseudomonas syringae by Michelle Hulin

Lectures and seminars

Supply and demand of pollination services. Prof. Simon Potts

Alternaria leaf spot pathogens: genetics, evolutionary history and diagnostics, Dr Andrew Armitage

Why do insects vary genetically in their susceptibility to infection? Dr Frank Jiggins

White button mushrooms: an intriguing viral ecosystem

Pubescent Plants. Roots vs. Reproduction. Dr Amanda Rasmussen

How virulence effectors modulate plant processes to promote insect colonisation by Dr Saskia Hagenhout

The effects of cropping systems on selenium and glucosinolate concentrations in vegetables by Dr Eleftheria Stavridou

The phloem highway – development, defence and fast food for aphids by Dr Colin Turnbull

Challenges in root phenotyping by Tobias Wojceichowski

Bumblebees parasites and pollination by Dr Mark Brown

Tools to visualise the tomato genome by Dr Alessandra Traini

Harnessing epigenetics to improve horticultural crops by Dr David Baulcombe

Strawberry Breeding techniques – selecting crosses

Strawberry breeding techniques – seed collection

Strawberry breeding techniques – crossing

Dealing with spotted wing drosophila by Dr Peter Shearer

New opportunities for pest managment, GM and companion cropping by Prof John Pickett