Demonstration Farm at East Malling

The ability to demonstrate and communicate the application of science within a commercial production environment is a hugely valuable asset for the perennial crops industry.

Since the first 9ha of land was first purchased at East Malling, right through to the current 220ha that make up the site, so industry have been regularly visiting the research facility to gain an in-depth understanding of the science being undertaken.

Under the careful management of Farm Manager, Graham Caspell, the aims of the farm are to:

  • Improve on current best commercial practice through the application of science
  • Explore and show case new varieties, novel crops and systems
  • Generate a profit to reinvest in science at NIAB EMR

The demonstration farm at East Malling has seen many new and exciting innovations over the years – recent projects have included novel crops (melons, apricots, hardy kiwi, alpine strawberries), concept orchards, new pear and apple variety plantings, and interesting training systems.

For further information about the Farm at East Malling, please contact Graham Caspell via