Knowledge Exchange

Working with industry to deliver science to the consumer

NIAB EMR has a century-long pedigree of delivering basic and applied science, via industry, to the consumer. In bridging the ‘science gap’, through successful products, services and knowledge which industry has adopted, NIAB EMR has helped shape the global perennial food crops industry.

NIAB EMR’s knowledge exchange activity delivers impact via:

  • An understanding of consumers’ needs
  • Industry engagement
  • Science delivery

In addition to knowledge exchange activities with commercial customers, NIAB EMR also works closely with AHDB, industry consultants, and the media to communicate scientific discovery.

To ensure that communication is constant and consistent, NIAB EMR maintains an industry-based association that is a key delivery vehicle for public and levy-funded science. To find out more about the EMR Association, and how NIAB EMR creates impact through science, follow the links below.

Conference Facilities
GCRI Trust
Vodcasts & Podcasts
Demonstration Farms
Concept Orchards