Research Themes

Cross-cutting Research Themes

As with many research providers, the questions that we are being asked to investigate by our funders are becoming more complex, requiring multiple disciplines to come together. Interdisciplinarity and collaborative work are becoming the norm and EMR is committed to expanding this way of working by creating teams to address specific problems.

  • During this planning period, particular attention will be directed to the science that cuts across many disciplines to deliver insights and outputs to the following themes:
  • Diploid strawberry as a model for perennial crops – leading to better understanding of perenniality and more efficient breeding programmes
  • Genetic basis of interactions between crops and their pests and pathogens (aerial and soil) – leading to better understanding of durable host resistance and its exploitation in breeding programmes
  • Enhancement of soils and substrates – leading to better functional understanding of the interactions between chemical, physical and biological properties contributing to fertility and improved rooting media
  • Pre- and post-harvest practices to enhance shelf-life and quality – leading to improved understanding of the influence of established and innovative production and storage practices on post-harvest disorders and quality
  • Scientific basis of rootstock improvement – leading to more efficient and effective breeding programmes through a greater understanding of the genetic basis for rootstock  performance and root to shoot communication