East Malling Viticulture Consortium

UK Wine industry sees establishment of new research consortium

A new viticulture consortium comprising NIAB EMR and the leading UK vineyards, Bolney Wine Estate, Chapel Down, Nyetimber, Gusbourne Estate, Halfpenny Green, Hencote and Kingscote vineyards was launched at Fruit Focus (20/7/16) with the aim of providing much-needed underpinning science to the rapidly growing UK quality wine sector. The East Malling Viticulture Research Consortium, Chaired by Campden BRI’s Geoff Taylor, will help direct the focus of the work undertaken at NIAB EMR and to ensure the application of its science will play a significant role in the sustainability and profitability of the UK wine industry.

Drawing on the current multi-million pound research programmes across NIAB and a century of R&D success at East Malling in supporting global fruit production, the consortium is seeking to embed and build on the industry’s existing achievements through focussed research and development activity aimed at improved quality, reducing costs and creation of a globally recognised UK science-based viticulture sector.

The consortium benefits from NIAB EMR’s extensive science team and network to develop cost effective research and knowledge transfer activities. The consortium is delighted to welcome new forward-thinking members from all aspects of the UK viticulture sector who share similar high quality aspirations.

NIAB EMR’s grape research programme

Grape research programme at NIAB EMR is co-ordinated by Dr Julien Lecourt (from University of Bordeaux and INRA) and involves leading scientists from across NIAB EMR’s three research programmes:

– Resource Efficiency for Crop Production
– Genetics & Crop Improvement
– Pest & Pathogen Ecology for Sustainable Crop Management

NIAB EMR’s concept vineyard

NIAB EMR has planted (2015) a research vineyard for both scientific and demonstration purposes. The vineyard is ensuring that our research is directly applicable to commercial vineyards and also provides an essential tool to test upstream innovative practices or novel ideas of research in viticulture.

To find out more about NIAB EMR’s research programme on grapes please contact Dr Julien Lecourt.


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