Research for industry

NIAB EMR offers you access to world-class expertise in all aspects of horticulture. 

We are experts at the application of science to real-world problems in horticulture.

More, we have a reputation for the delivery of development activity which has allowed all areas of horticulture to meet the needs of an ever changing natural and commercial environment.

Drawing on the scientific excellence and application expertise at NIAB EMR, we offer a unique source of innovation and differentiation, based on the professional management of your developments created from our unique UK-based and accredited capability.

With a professional customer-focused approach and building on one of the largest and best known horticulture research and development activities in Europe, we support our customers through the whole horticulture supply chain, from plant breeding, using the latest genetic advances to achieve desired attributes, to the optimisation of crop yields and storage. This is underpinned by long-term government, private and commercial investment in state-of-the-art research facilities with our world class scientists being experienced in the delivery of focused technical requirements.