EMEW: mushroom virus detection

EMEWTM: A comprehensive virus detection test for the mushroom industry

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East Malling’s Early Warning mushroom virus test (EMEWTM) is a novel test to detect the early presence of viruses in your mushroom compost – the cause of Mushroom Virus X.


The ‘world-first’ test, developed at East Malling Research, using compost (Phase 3, filling, cropping), mushrooms or spawn samples, providing a measure of Virus X levels at every step of the production process. Testing at any point in the production chain now provides the mushroom industry with accurate, routine or problem solving capabilities to help deal with Virus X.


The EMEWTM test, builds on the MushTV Project and includes:Mushmedia4040crop


  • Unambiguous, clear results for virus detection
  • Levels of viral contamination
  • Cost effective results to aid your business
  • Notification of all 31 viruses that make up the Mushroom Virus X complex


To find out more about how EMEWTM can benefit your business, contact Ed Dobbs via emew@em-s.co.uk or 01732 523728.


EMEWTM is offered as part of an expert analysis package of mushroom virus tests from East Malling Services.

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