What We Do

NIAB EMR conducts high-quality strategic and applied research in horticultural and land-based sciences, and delivers impact through knowledge, products and services that benefit public and private customers across a wide range of food and non-food business sectors.

NIAB EMR scientists have skills in molecular genetics, genomics, pest and disease biology and management, crop and post-harvest physiology, agronomy and environmental science that can be applied to a wide range of problems. They use their knowledge of how genetics, environment and management interact to increase quality production and cope with a more variable and changing climate, in ways that are profitable for producers. NIAB EMR research also enhances the provision of other ecosystem services, increases the efficiency of resources, resulting in less waste across the food system, and minimises greenhouse gas emissions.

NIAB EMR’s research is delivered through three scientific programmes:

  • Genetics and crop improvement
  • Pest and pathogen ecology for sustainable crop management
  • Resource efficiency for crop production

All programmes work extensively with a network of scientific partnerships and collaborations with leading commercial and research organisations in the UK, Europe and globally.

Key to NIAB EMR’s success is the uptake of science that changes and improves upon current practice. This is achieved through an extensive knowledge exchange programme and through direct services and products delivered to customers.

Facilities at NIAB EMR include: 202 ha planted with perennial and arable crops, polytunnels (2000 m2) and glasshouses (3000 m2) with environmental controls, Water Efficient Technologies (WET) Centre, GroDome (containment facility – level II-III security), Produce Quality Centre, Crop Handling Centre, a GEP-compliant efficacy trials system, fruit germplasm and plant virus collections, automated DNA sequencers, insect rearing facilities, plant tissue culture labs and taste/consumer panels.

NIAB EMR’s portfolio encompasses projects of different sizes and scope. Customers include: EU, Research Councils UK, Defra, levy boards, commercial companies, and retailers.

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