Crop breeding and Genetics

The current crop breeding and genetics theme staff are principally focussed on commercial breeding programmes of Rosaceous (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apple and pear) with research projects aligned to underpin these programmes and address and understand the inheritance of key commercial … Continue reading

Microbial and population genomics

This theme is about understanding and harnessing microbial diversity of both pathogenic and beneficial microbes associated with horticulture. It will involve going from population level data to candidate DNA regions associated with phenotypes of interest that can be functionally validated. … Continue reading

Imaging and measurement technologies

The imaging and measurement technologies theme is focused on the investigation and the application of current imaging and data mining techniques to plant science. Driven by the incredible advances in genomics over the past decade, image analysis technologies will be … Continue reading

Statistical genetics and informatics

Statistical genetics and informatics- Modern breeding requires the latest developments in quantitative genetics to be married to bioinformatics, in order to optimise breeding through prediction of crop performance using high volumes of phenotypic and genotypic data Key areas of research … Continue reading

Technology Development

Technology enables nearly all modern research. It defines which assays are possible, and their speed and cost – thereby defining possible experiments. Technology development must be married to a pressing biological need. The NIAB EMR TD group is embedded within a department … Continue reading

Fruit development and quality

This theme principally revolves around investigating the important components of fruit quality and development in tomato and strawberry. Underpinning this theme is the identification of specific characteristics implicated in yield (i.e photosynthesis), and the aroma and flavour profile of fruits. … Continue reading

Durable disease resistance

This theme principally revolves around investigating and deploying durable disease resistance into economically important crops. Underpinning this is the desire to understand the interaction between plants and pathogens. By using this information to study the mechanisms of resistance, it will … Continue reading

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