Judit Linka

Scientific Assistant
Department:Pest & Pathogen Ecology
DD:01732 523734
Fax:+44 (0)1732 849067

Research Interests

I studied entomology in Hungary at the Corvinus University of Budapest . At university and in a post-graduate position I worked with ladybirds, thrips, bugs, etc. and also some post harvest research. Today I`m working as an assistant in the Genetics and Crops Improvement Department at East Malling Research. The main project I’m working on is connected with the codling moth Cydia pomonella, a model arthropod pest. I’m rearing different strains of codling moths in a quarantine facility, I also do some fieldwork  and plan and complete experiments in the lab. The two big aims are to screen for insecticide resistance in UK populations of codling moth, and to identify the genomic location of insecticide resistances to several insecticides in the wider European population of the moth.

Selected Publications

  • Xiang-Ming Xu*, Chantelle N. Jay, Michelle T. Fountain, Judit Linka, Jean D. Fitzgerald. (2014). Development and validation of a model forecasting the phenology of European tarnished plant bug Lygus rugulipennis in the U.K. Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 16(3). 265-272. DOI: 10.1111/afe.12054.

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