Dr Maria Sobczyk

Bioinformatician/Population Geneticist
Department:Genetics Genomics & Breeding
Tel:01732 843833
DD:01732 523792
Fax:01732 849067

Research Interests

My research at NIAB EMR is positioned at the interface between Rosaceous crops, particularly strawberry (diploid Fragaria vesca and octaploid Fragaria x. ananassa) and their various fungal and oomycete pathogens. I am using phylogenomics and population genetics approaches to uncover the traces of plant-pathogen interactions left in their respective genomes in order to enhance our understanding of plant disease resistance.

Previous to starting at EMR, I completed a DPhil on the evolution of nickel hyperaccumulation in a Brassicacae genus Alyssum, working with Prof. Andrew Smith and Dr Dmitry Filatov in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford. I also hold a BSc Biology degree from the University of York.

Selected Publications

  • Sobczyk, M.K., Smith, J.A.C and Filatov, D.A. (2016). Evolution of nickel hyperaccumulation and serpentine adaptation in the Alyssum serpyllifolium species complex. Heredity. (accepted).
  • Sobczyk, M.K. (2014). In search of French populations of Alyssum serpyllifolium - an exemplary nickel hyperaccumulator species. Genetics Society News 70. 41-42.

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