Dr David Simpson

Strawberry Breeder
Department:Genetics Genomics & Breeding
Tel:+44 (0)1732 843833
DD:+44(0)1732 523744
Fax:+44 (0)1732 849067

Research Interests

Leading an industry-funded breeding programme to develop improved strawberry cultivars for field production in the soil and protected production in substrate. Allied research projects, funded by IUK and BBSRC, are focussed on the molecular genetics of disease and pest resistance in strawberry with the aim of developing a range of molecular markers for resistance, to be used in the breeding programme.

Selected Publications

  • L Antanaviciute, N Šurbanovski, N Harrison, K J McLeary, D W Simpson, F Wilson, D J Sargent & R J Harrison. (2015). Mapping QTL associated with Verticillium dahliae resistance in the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) Horticulture Research 2. 15009.
  • Whitehouse, A.B., Johnson, A.W., Passey, A.J., McLeary K.J. & Simpson, D.W. (2014). Recent Progress in Breeding for Improved Performance in Programmed Cropping Systems. Acta Horticulturae 1049. 867-872.
  • Whitehouse, A.B., Johnson, A.W., Passey, A.J., McLeary K.J. & Simpson, D.W. (2014). ‘Serenity’: A paler skin-coloured somaclonal variant of the short-day cultivar ‘Florence’. Acta Horticulturae 1049. 819-821.
  • Simpson, D.W., Whitehouse, A.B., Johnson, A.W., McLeary, K.J. & Passey, A.J. (2014). 'Elegance' and 'Vibrant', two new strawberry cultivars fro programmed cropping in Northern Europe. Acta Horticulturae 1049. 259-261.
  • Shokaeva, D.B., Zubov, A.A., Simpson, D.W. and Sokolov, Y.P. (2014). Strawberry fruit size inheritance as dependent on achene number and flesh mass per achene Acta Horticulturae 1049. 207-213.
  • Johnson, A.W., Davies, M.J., Grant ,O.M. and Simpson, D.W. (2014). Developing strawberry cultivars with improved water use efficiency Acta Horticulturae 1049. 853-858.
  • Johnson, A. W. and Simpson, D.W. (2014). The effect of deficit irrigation on the flowering behaviour of two day neutral and one everbearing strawberry cultivar Acta Horticulturae 1049. 435-438.
  • Simpson, D.W. (2014). Strawberry breeding and genetics research in North West Europe Acta Horticulturae 1049. 107-111.
  • Brennan, R.M., Caligari, P.D.S., Clark, J.R., Finn, C.E., Hancock, J.F., Jarret, D., Lobos, G., Oliveira, P., Raffle, S. and Simpson, D. (2014). Berry Fruits Horticulture - Plants for People and Places, Volume 1, eds. G. Dixon and D. Aldous. Springer Science. DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-8578-5_9.
  • Surbanovski, N., Sargent, D.J., Else, M.A., Simpson, D.W., Zhang, H., Grant, O.M. (2013). Expression of Fragaria vesca PIP aquaporins in response to drought stress: PIP down-regulation correlates with the decline in substrate moisture content.  PLOS One 8. e74945.
  • Sargent, D.J., Passey, T., Šurbanovski N., Lopez Girona E., Kuchta P., Davik J., Harrison R., Passey, A.J., Whitehouse, A.B., Simpson, D.W. (2012). A microsatellite linkage map for the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) reveals extensive regions of homozygosity in the genome resulting from breeding and selection. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124. 1229-1240.
  • Olga M. Grant, Michael J. Davies, Abigail W. Johnson, David W. Simpson . (2012). Physiological and growth responses to water deficits in cultivated strawberry (Fragaria ×ananassa) and in one of its progenitors, Fragaria chiloensis. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 83. pp 23-32.
  • Grant, O.M, Davies, M.J, James, C.M, Johnson, A.W, Leinonen, I., Simpson, D.W. (2012). Thermal imaging and carbon isotope composition indicate variation amongst strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) cultivars in stomatal conductance and water use efficiency. Environmental and Experimental Botany, Vol 76. pp 7-15.
  • Grant ,O.M., Davies, M.J., Johnson, A.W. and Simpson, D.W. (2012). Physiological and morphological responses to water deficits in cultivated strawberry (Fragaria  ananassa) and in one of its progenitors, F. chiloensis. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 83; 23-32.
  • Whitehouse, A.B., Govan, C.L., Hammond, K.J., Sargent, D.J. & Simpson, D.W. (McLeary, K.J. née Hammond). (2011). Meristem culture for the elimination of the strawberry crown rot pathogen Phytophthora cactorum. Journal of Berry Research 1. 129 - 136.
  • Grant, O.M, Johnson, A.W, Davies, M.J, James, C.M, Simpson, D.W . (2010). Physiological and morphological diversity of cultivated strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) in response to water deficit. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 68 (3) . pp 264-272.
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  • Simpson, D.W., Hammond, K.J. Johnson, A.W., Passey, A.J. & Whitehouse, A.B. (McLeary, K.J. née Hammond). Six new strawberry cultivars from East Malling Research.  Acta Horticulturae 842. 525-528.

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