Dr Antonio Llorente Garcia

Product Manager
Tel:+44 (0)1732 843833
DD:+44 (0)1732 523754
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I assist with product development NIAB; our team uses knowledge and technologies arising from the research carried out at NIAB to develop new products and services. To this end we have created a Product Development Process to address these commercial opportunities which we currently implementing it in a number of projects across the whole Group.

I contribute to some degree towards the commercialisation of plant varieties, lab tests, agronomic technologies and software. It is for me essential to engage in business activities which necessarily demand working with commercial and academic professionals.

In an effort to promote the Precision Irrigation technology I became responsible for the management of the WET Centre, a reference for the horticulture industry and a showcase scenario for ours and our partner’s IP. When involved in other on-site or on-farm trials my focus remains and will remain the pursuing commercial opportunities for NIAB.

My family are vine and vegetable growers, hence my interest in agriculture. In addition to experiencing the work on the farm, I have worked in landscaping and quality assessment of cereals, lettuces and pears for various companies in Spain.

I hold a PhD in agriculture and 6 year experience in applied research in different areas such as plant breeding, pest control and plant physiology. I thoroughly enjoyed these years but always felt there was a missing piece between science and industry. I am now proud to contribute to bridge the gap and looking forward to progress my career on this direction.


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