Visiting Students and Scientists and former lab members

Former staff and students

Dr Laima Antanaviciute – PhD Oct 2012- July 2016 – postdoc at Clemson Uni

Dr Laura Lewis- postdoc 2012-2014


Lab visitors

Each year there are visitors to the lab, via various exchange programmes. This page documents their contribution and current whereabouts, if still in science.


Jaz Stoddart- summer student

Ainhoa Rodriguez-Pereira – visiting worker

Joe He- visiting worker

Edoardo Alimandi


Dr Ning Zhiyuan – Visiting postdoctoral scientist, Anhui, China

Vincent Colas- Genotyping and Phenotyping assistance

Ana Martinez-Crucis- Genotyping and Phenotyping assistance


Antonio Garcia- Genotyping and Phenotyping assistance

Cesar Marnina Montes-  Genotyping and Phenotyping assistance


Izabela Zabinska –  Genotyping and Phenotyping assistance

Arantxa Urchueguia Fornes – Codling moth research

Dr Jing Dong- Host-pathogen interactions (powdery mildew)


Maria Lumbreras–  Genotyping and Phenotyping assistance