Innovation and world-class science on the up at EMR

The East Malling Research (EMR) Annual Report 2014, published today, highlights a substantial growth for the Kent-based centre of excellence in plant science.

Contract income was up 18% during the 2013/14 financial year – a further substantial increase which builds on a similar rise in 2012/13, with an even greater increase looking likely in the 2014/15 accounts. This march, ever-upward, is being brought about primarily by EMR’s considerable successes with Innovate UK funding which brings 50% government match funding to industry investments.

“2014 was an exciting year as the organisation continues to climb in stature: both scientifically and with increased impact to commerce,” commented Professor Peter Gregory, EMR’s Director of External Affairs.

During 2014, EMR established a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary East Malling Services (EMS). EMS is now the route for IP exploitation of EMR science – it offers well-established commercial benefits that many of the UK’s centres of scientific excellence have pursued.

Another key activity of the reporting year was the publication of an independent report entitled, “Capturing the socio-economic impact of East Malling Research.” The report found that EMR’s historical impact through advances in rootstocks and controlled-atmosphere storage alone resulted in nearly £9 billion in added value to the global fruit economy. On-going research is resulting in at least £7.5 being returned to the UK economy for every £1 spent at EMR.


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