EMR Association/AHDB Horticulture Soft Fruit Day

Date: Thursday 29 October 2015


EMR Association / AHDB Horticulture event to offer results of key pest and disease research


EMR Association and AHDB Horticulture are hosting a technical up-date for the soft fruit industry on Wednesday 25th November at the East Malling Conference Centre.


The event aims to provide the latest research information on a number of crop protection projects which are seeking solutions to some pressing problems faced by growers.


Most notable is the progress being made in improving our understanding of biology and control of the spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in all soft fruit crops and western flower thrips (WFT) control in strawberry. In the latter, there will be up-dates on the progress being made in projects seeking to develop biocontrol of WFT.


Additional presentations will include research into midge and other pests of cane fruit and strawberries at East Malling Research, new research into red berry of blackberry and raspberry leaf blotch virus at The James Hutton Institute and use of Shark as a winter herbicide in strawberry. New research projects on soft fruit stress imaging, blueberry yields and raspberry root rot will also be presented along with the latest news on strawberry and raspberry breeding and variety development.


Anyone wishing to attend the event should contact Ella Stanton at AHDB Horticulture on 0247 647 8677 (hort.events@ahdb.org.uk).


Follow this link for a programme for the event.




Notes to Editors:
If you would like more information on this release please contact Scott Raffle, HDC Knowledge Exchange Manager: scott.raffle@ahdb.org.uk or on 01732 897473.


  • AHDB Horticulture (formerly Horticultural Development Company (HDC)) is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) which administers the collection of an ‘industry levy’ to fund essential near-market research and development. The research programme and knowledge transfer activities are strategically aligned to the needs of the industry by working closely with growers, consultants, scientists and funding bodies.


  • AHDB Horticulture’s work is funded through an industry levy which is channelled directly into research and development projects that serve the interests of over 300 crops through seven sector panels: Protected Edibles; Field Vegetables; Mushrooms; Soft Fruit; Hardy Nursery Stock; Tree Fruit, and Protected Ornamentals and Bulbs


  • AHDB Horticulture has responsibility for over 300 crops in the horticultural industry.


  • The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is an independent, evidence-based ‘Levy Board’ which plays a pivotal role in improving farm business efficiency and competitiveness. The AHDB is wholly funded by farmers and growers through statutory levies. Because the levy is statutory AHDB is classified as a non-departmental public body.


  • The East Malling Research Association (EMR Association) is a principal conduit for the dissemination of knowledge and information from East Malling Research. EMR Association is a subscription-based organisation, which allows members to remain at the forefront of perennial horticultural R&D and best practice. emr.ac.uk

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