Sino-UK strawberry agreement extended for three more years

An agreement which established the “Sino-UK Strawberry Innovation R&D Centre” has been extended for a further three years.

This joint research office focusses on strawberry breeding and genetics and was originally signed in March 2012 between the Beijing Academy of Agriculture Forestry Sciences (BAAFS) and East Malling Research (EMR).

In phase 1 of the project, EMR-bred strawberry cultivars were evaluated for commercial production in one strawberry-growing area of China. The possibility of trialling these varieties in other key strawberry production areas like the South-Western region of China is now being explored.

In phase 2, EMR will assist in BAAFS in breeding strawberry cultivars specifically for China, combining desirable traits from both Chinese and European genetics resources. In the long-term, availability of such cultivars will help to improve production efficiency and provide health benefit to consumers, in addition to increased profit for growers. Increased market share of these cultivars will generate royalty income to both BAAFS and EMR.


For more information visit the project page

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