Who We Are

NIAB EMR is the UK’s largest horticultural research and development undertaking work in the perennial and clonally-propagated crops sector.

Headed by a managing Director, David Neill, the science team at EMR is divided into three science programmes and comprises different academic disciplines including: geneticists, pathologists, breeders, entomologists, soil scientists, bioinformaticians and crop physiologists.

The science programme at NIAB EMR is supported by colleagues covering a wide range of adminstrative, crop production, communications, finance and IT skills.

NIAB EMR is a subsidiary of NIAB.

A private company limited by guarantee. Registered in England Registration No. 09894859. Charity Registration No. 1165055. Registered Office: NIAB EMR, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, CB3 0LE, UK.