Science Strategy

NIAB EMR’s science strategy is developed when, for the first time in several decades, food security is high on the global agenda of challenges, and significant research effort is being directed to meet this challenge by the UK research councils and government departments, and international agencies and donors.

For NIAB EMR this offers an opportunity to deploy our skills both to benefit the horticultural industry of the UK and beyond, and to contribute to the wider public and social good.

View the NIAB EMR science and research strategy 2012-2017

NIAB EMR is a member of EUFRIN, an organization of university departments and research institutes that specialize in research, development, and extension on temperate fruit crops and which are based within countries of the European Union, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. It was set up an held its first meeting in Bonn in 1994.

Science and Research Strategy 2012-2017